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  1. beg off

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    • 1. 推辭 to beg off at the last minute 在最後時刻反悔
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    • 不懂的英文句子請幫我翻成中文意思 不要太在意 8.up to someone(you) = decided by someone. (你)決定 9.beg to differ = to disagree with someone. 反對 10.get something across/off/through/into someone's thick head ??? 我不明白什麼你想要問. 希望幫到...

    • 英文,請幫忙校正(短短幾句)

      ...poor parenting and then you will have one opportunity to beg her (for keeping the kids). 如果你... kids, the more likely she is to hold off on taking them away. The higher...

    • 跪求:大師主題會話(感恩大師的用心)---特急件 to fix him:- Hello, Sir. I beg your pardon. Don't make so much noise please...reduce noise levels ? -----I will press to turn radio off ! Young man,have a switch of priorites for the...