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  1. begging letter


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    • 急~~~幫我翻譯文章 the letter 英翻中

      詩名:信作者:愛蜜莉˙迪肯生「到他那兒去!」歡樂信件!告訴他-告訴他 我遺漏沒寫出的那頁告訴他 我的那時是多麼焦急告訴他 我的手指又是多麼笨拙告訴他 我多麼費力的寫下一行又一行告訴他 我多麼的倉促的書出了句子 省去了動詞及代名詞然後 你將希望在信紙...

    • 翻譯‧‧謝謝你的祝福

      ...!Excuse me very much, I am so long to have no letter in reply, begging your pardonning!I have a dog, his name calls the small white...

    • 中翻英 請幫我翻這段英文(急)

      ...but must in the front wear represents the shame red letter A, but this mark will follow lifelong her. ...punishment stage, is missing many years to beg the forest wass to appear in the square. Meanwhile...