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  1. behind time

    • ph.
      遲到; 逾期; 慢; 晚點;(房租等)拖欠, 過期
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    • 1. 遲到; 逾期; 慢; 晚點 The train was 10 minutes behind time. 火車晚到了十分鐘。 The plane was an hour behind time. 班機誤點一小時。
    • 2. (房租等)拖欠, 過期 He is always behind time with his payment. 他總是拖欠該付的錢。 He's always behind time with the rent. 他總晚交租金。


    遲到; 逾期; 慢; 晚點


    「遲到; 逾期; 慢; 晚點」的反義字