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    fit to be tied

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    • should not be fitted?

      But you'd better try them on lest they should not be fitted. 但你最好穿上試試以免不合適。them 以及 they 是指衣服. 衣服只能被穿. 所以是否合身要使用被動式.

    • fit的用法? + $$ 2012-12-12 23:11:04 補充: 可是fit的確也可以用人當主詞啊 例如 you are fit to be a teacher. you are fit to wear this dress . 你是對的,fit在這是形容詞...

    • Help me with these sentences.

      ... Museum (that is) Fit for a King The...補充: A Museum Fit for a King = 相稱于... Louvre is made up of several different...