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    • english qustion about music

      In today's society where the music program is losing its stance in the educational curriculum, it ... written. By studying the different periods of music beginning with its earliest form and progressing to today...

    • 急需~ ~ 請英文翻譯高手幫幫我

      ...39;ll also listen to music when I have free time. As a result, I believe music plays an important role in my life. 這個翻譯主要我是想避免一直重複...

    • 請英文高手幫忙翻譯 ( 英翻中 ) ~

      ...or on a farm. (你可能會在某個辦公室甚至農場上聽到音樂) Scientists believe that music affects the way people behave. (科學家們認為音樂會影響人的行為模式...