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  1. belong

    • IPA[bəˈlôNG]


    • v.
      be the property of;be the rightful possession of; be due to
    • verb: belong, 3rd person present: belongs, gerund or present participle: belonging, past tense: belonged, past participle: belonged

    • 釋義


    • 1. be the property of the vehicle did not belong to him
    • be the rightful possession of; be due to most of the credit belongs to Paul
    • (of a contest or period of time) be dominated by the race belonged completely to Ferguson
    • 2. be a member or part of (a particular group, organization, or class) they belong to garden and bridge clubs
    • (of a person) fit in a specified place or environment she is a stranger, and doesn't belong here you and me, we belong together 同義詞 fit in, be suited to, have a rightful place, have a home, be part of, ... 更多
    • have the right personal or social qualities to be a member of a particular group young people are generally very anxious to belong
    • 3. (of a thing) be rightly placed in a specified position learning to place the blame where it belongs
    • be rightly classified in or assigned to a specified category bony fish: the vast majority of living fish belong here 同義詞 have a place, be located, be situated, be found, lie, ... 更多