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    belong outside

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    • 徵求英文高手幫忙修改作文文法和句子~

      ... here.I wanted to go home, to go back where I belonged. During break time, all kids went outside to play games with each other, I was left alone in the classroom...

    • 很急!!很急!!請幫我繼續接英文

      ...everything about her. So it is sunny outside but rainy in my heart. Someone says...t lose him, he just comes back to somewhere belongs to him. Whenever I look into sunny...

    • (英文)all在這邊的用法?^^

      ...當主詞,也可以用在主詞或受詞之後。 All was quiet in the street outside. These buildings all belong to the college. Pauline said goodbye to them all. see p.38...