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  1. below ground

    • ph.
      beneath the surface of the ground
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    • 請問home在這個句子裡代表的意思是什麼?

      ... can be a lot like mazes. Both above and below ground,cities, especially very old ones, are home to interesting...

    • MRT和ground的關係?

      MRT=Mass Rapid Transit, which is not always or necessarily under the ground. You can use "the SUBWAY" or "the TUBE", which is usrely under the ground.

    • under,below,beneath三者的不同地方

      ...面之分隔線)--------------- below 在下面,有接觸的 ex: The basement is below the ground floor. (以整個空間或範圍來說) under 在底下,沒有接觸到的 ex: My eraser...