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  1. bends

    • bend的名詞複數
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    • 請問什麼是bent on evicting the bar?

      ...than a year of battling government inspectors and a neighborhood group bent on evicting the bar. 最後一次拉上鐵門,不再開門的決定是經過一年以上...

    • child-bending-- 打小孩嗎

      ...之非常小的一段,正確解釋應視上下文而定! 不過,仍提供您稍加解釋: child-bending: 俯身、彎腰或行禮的小孩。 查到一網頁:"Mother and Child...

    • 請問 generative bent 意思

      Lexicographers and linguists (although rarely those of a generative bent) have long been interested in collocations. 一 首先讓我們...