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    beneath attention

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    • 英文<文意字彙>填空

      1.A man of publicity must pay close attention to his personal image, he must behave himself wherever.... unable to sleep.10.No way!It's beneath my dignity to do such a job.11.Jenny forget ...

    • Half of his creations lie ..??

      Ramhotep 的作品能逃過歲月摧殘者不多。有半數的創作,被遺忘在沙堆中,其餘的也已被長年的戰爭、時間與沙漠風暴所破壞侵蝕。在Ramhotep從死亡睡眠中甦醒之後,他驚慌了,便馬上著手開鑿同時重新保存他的寶藏。他的手藝與活著時絲毫不減,吸引他注意的是那...

    • 請幫我檢查我的滑鼠英文介紹!

      ... no string attached and you can insert the receiver beneath the mouse. This is a mouse design for too. 所以很省錢。 Thank you for your attention. Any question? 謝謝你們專注的聆聽,謝謝。 這邊...