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    bereaved of
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    bereave of

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    • 可否翻譯以下一段英文文章

      ...是一個組織 黎巴嫩召集的 我查了一下 英文是The Party of God 神的組織 應該是聖戰組織吧 記得沒錯當時召集阿拉伯國家 聯合攻打...

    • The Deerslayer

      ... unusual among the Indians, however - at the earnest solicitations of the bereaved widow; and it goaded him to the quick to find his condescension...

    • 幫我翻譯這篇英文週記!!急!!給10點喔!!大大們!!

      ...accident, the death and harm is super severity!!Watch a television!!A lot of appearances with sad bereaved families!!See in the eye!!Unavoidably also grief get up...