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  1. best

    • KK[bɛst]
    • DJ[best]


    • a. (
    • ad.
    • n.
      最好;最佳[the S];最好(或最能幹,最有名望)的人;最好的事物[M]
    • vt.
    • 過去式:bested 過去分詞:bested 現在分詞:besting

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞

    a. (

    • 1. 最好的;最熟練的;道德最高尚的 I think John's plan is the best. 我認為約翰的方案最好。
    • 2. 最適當的;最有效的 The best thing for you would be to forget it. 你最好是把這事忘了。
    • 3. 最大的;主要的 It took the best part of a day to get there. 花了大半天時間才到達那裡。


    • 1. 最好地;最適當地;最有效地 I think Friday would suit me best. 我想星期五對我最適合。
    • 2. 最;極 My father knew best what was good for me. 我父親最清楚什麼對我有利。


    • 1. 最好;最佳[the S] She always wants the best. 她總是要最好的。
    • 2. 最好(或最能幹,最有名望)的人;最好的事物[M] Even the best of us make mistakes. 即便是最能幹的人也會出錯。
    • 3. (常用one's best)盛裝 They wore their best to the party. 他們盛裝赴宴。
    • 4. (常用one's best)(某人的)最大努力;最佳狀況 Although he failed, he has done his best. 他雖然失敗了,可是他已盡了最大努力。


    • 1. 【口】打敗;勝過 Joe was bested in the debate. 喬在辯論中輸了。
    • 2. 【俚】欺騙


    a. 最好的;精選的


    「a. & ad. 最好的(地)」的反義字

    • a. (
      較佳的;更好的 They wanted better housing. 他們要求更好的住房。
    • ad.
      更好地;更適當地 Try to do better next time. 下次爭取做得更好些。
    • n.
      (人或事物)較優者,較好者[the S] The weather has taken a turn for the better. 天氣已經轉好。
    • vt.
      改善;改進;提高 He had tried hard to better his status, but failed. 他努力設法改善自己的地位,但未能成功。
    • vi.
      變得較好 Working conditions have bettered a lot. 工作條件已大為改善。
    • adv.
      很好地;滿意地;成功地 Do the boys eat well at school? 孩子們在學校吃得好嗎?
    • int.
      (表示驚異,懷疑)喲,啊,哎呀 Well, I didn't think to see you here! 哎呀,沒想到會在這兒見到你!
    • adj.
      健康的,健全的,安好的 I'm not well, my head aches. 我不舒服,頭痛。
    • n.[C]
    • vi.
      湧出,湧上 Water wells from a spring beneath the rock. 水從岩石下的泉內湧出。
    • n.
    • well的名詞複數
    • well的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • adj.
      健康的 are you well? 你身體好嗎? how is he? — as well as can be expected 他好嗎?──好極了
    • adv.
      to work/sleep well 工作好/睡得好 he isn't eating very well 他胃口不好
    • excl
      well, really! 啊,真是的! well, who would have thought it! 哎呀,誰會想到那兒去呢!
    • adv
      is he coming as well? 他也來嗎? you know as well as I do ... 你和我一樣清楚…
    • prep
      除…之外 to work on Saturday as well as on Sunday 星期天和星期六都工作 you know as well as I do 你我都知道
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    • IPA[best]



    • adj.
      最好的 the best book I've ever read 我讀過的最棒的書 the best thing about sth./doing sth. 某事物/做某事的最大好處
    • adv.
      最出色地; 最高程度地 to behave/sleep best 表現最好/睡得最香 I can manage best on my own 我自己能夠應付裕如
    • n.
      最好的事物 the best of its type or kind 同類中最好的東西 the best of the weather will be in the north 北方將出現極佳的天氣
    • vt.
      勝過 to be bested in an argument 在辯論中被駁倒
    • 最好的,最佳的最好的人或物最,最好地