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    the best part

    • ph.
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    • ph. 最精彩的東西

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    • ph. (某事物的)絕大部分(尤指一段時間)

    • I spent the best part of an hour trying to find my car keys. 我花了近一個小時找汽車鑰匙。

      You must have drunk the best part of a bottle of wine last night. 你昨天晚上喝了準有一瓶葡萄酒。

    • ph. 大部分的…

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    • ph. (某事物的)大半, 多半

    • We've lived here for the better part of a year. 我們在這裡住了多半年了。

    • ph. 【諺】不知進退非真勇(不必作無謂的冒險)

    • ph. 謹慎即大勇.

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  2. 知識+

    • the better part of a year是什麼意思

      我覺得您以上的解釋都對!The whole process took the better part of a year.的解釋應該是整個過程花上了大半年的時間這是個蠻籠統的敘述. 因此, 您上面所說的兩個敘述依個別情況而言應該都對!

    • [翻譯]節目正精彩

      "Wait, here comes the best part!" "Hold on, this part is important..." "...補充: or, " Be quiet! I don't want to miss this part."

    • 試問這句英文的含意

      The best part of BE(LIE)VE is the LIE. 寫的人在玩弄字眼...