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  1. bet

    • IPA[bet]



    • vt.
      賭; 用…打賭; 用…下注;敢說
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:bet 過去分詞:bet 現在分詞:betting

    • 名詞複數:bets

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • vt.
    • 1. 賭; 用…打賭; 用…下注
    • 2. 敢說

      you can bet your life or your bottom dollar or your boots that ... 有絕對把握…

      you can bet your life on it 絕對錯不了

    • vi.
    • 1. 賭博

      to bet on horses 賭馬

    • 2. 確信

      you want to bet on it? 你敢肯定嗎?

      don't bet on it! 我看不一定!

    • n.
    • 1. 打賭

      to win/lose a bet 賭贏/賭輸

      to have a bet on sth. 對某事物打賭

    • 2. 賭注

      ‘place your bets’ “請下注”

      to place/lay a bet (on a horse/race) 押賭注(在一匹馬/一場比賽上)

    • 3. 選擇

      your best bet 最好的辦法

    • 4. 推測

      it's a good/safe bet that ... 很有可能…


    1. risk a sum of money or valued item against someone else's on the basis of the outcome of an unpredictable event such as a race or game

    2. used to express certainty

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