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  1. between ... and ...

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    • 1. 在...之間

      Mary is sitting between you and me. 瑪麗正坐在你我之間。

      That important basketball game will be played between a Chinese and an American team. 那場重要的籃球比賽將是中華隊出賽美國隊。

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    • between with與 between and 及相關

      between....and between A and B A與B之間 between...with between並不與with連用, 也就是說, between不是跟with一起來理解的 如果between後面有看到with, 那麼with一定是附屬於A...

    • Blue - between you and me

      ...叫她們閃邊站 (Chorus) And you need to let our business be between you and me 妳得讓我們的感情,由我們自己處理 Don't tell nobody 別...

    • between you and your happiness

      第一句的文意是 不要讓過去擋在你跟快樂中間 意思就是不要再為過去而不快樂 因為過去都過去了 第二句 變成我擋在你跟快樂中間了.. 意思變成我是你不快樂的原因 讓你不快樂