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    • liaison appointment???

      Liaison appointment 聯合聘任, 聯合任命 ,共同委任In French, liaison...hiatus (like elision) that consists of inserting a consonant between a word that ends in a vowel and a word that starts with...

    • 原文語言-meet 和 meet with 的差別為何?

      ...would like to meet with Mr. Higgins, you must first make an appointment with his secretary. So, is there any difference between "meet" and "meet with"?A. Meet的確是及物動詞,但...

    • (英翻中)關於印度商業文化的文章!請不要使用翻譯軟體!謝謝!

      ...時間。靈活且彈性的日程安排將會被證明是必要的。 2. Business appointments should ideally be made for late morning or early afternoon, between the hours of 11 and 4. 商務會面時間最好為上午11時至下午4時之間...