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  1. between you and me and the gatepost

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    • ph. 天知地知、你知我知,咱們私下裏講,切勿告訴外人

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    • ph. 天知地知,你知我知

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    • ph. 天知地知,你知我知。

    • ph. 天知地知,你知我知。

    • ph. 請保守祕密

    • Don't tell anyone else about this, it is between you and me. 不要告訴別人這件事, 請保守祕密。

    • ph. 只有我們兩人知道,不能讓其他人知道

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    • 英文高手~you and iyou and me?

      The secret is between you and me. (you and me 當介係詞 between 的受詞) They will surely invite you and...

    • Blue - between you and me

      ...下去,我們的感情鐵定出問題 And I, I won't try to make this right with you If I'm, the bad...need to let our business be between you and me 妳得讓我們的...

    • Between You And Me

      如果句子是以"Between"開頭,則"Between you and me"是口語用法,意思是「(某事)你跟我知道就好!」是在建立一種保密的默契,也常作"Just between you and me"