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  1. beyond expectation

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    • 1. 出乎意料 We knew that Mary would do well, but she has succeeded beyond expectation. 我們知道瑪麗會做得不錯, 但沒想到她竟取得了出乎意料的成功。
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    • 一題英文詞類變化填空 offer. 她对大学所能给她提供的一切期望很高. * The holiday was beyond all expectations, ie better than was hoped for. 假日过得比预期的好得多...

    • "勁爆"的英文

      ... super thrilling overwhelming highly extraordinary far beyond expectation far beyond imagination super incredible 2011-10-19 10:57:05 補充: 再補充幾個, 應該...

    • 關於o.henry 簡短英文翻譯 His work original concept, the language is humorous, the result is beyond expectation frequently; And further because described the numerous characters...