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  1. beyond redemption

    • ph.
      (尤作戲謔語)無可救藥; 不可挽回
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    • 1. (尤作戲謔語)無可救藥; 不可挽回 When the third goal was scored against us, we knew the match was beyond redemption. 對方一射進第三個球, 我們就知道這場比賽算是輸定了。 Joan's career with the firm is really beyond redemption. 瓊在該公司的工作確實沒有迴旋餘地了。


    (尤作戲謔語)無可救藥; 不可挽回

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    • The Shawshank Redemption 的英文原意

      ... [proved] his redemption. 他受了那個打擊就改過自新了。 * beyond [past, without] redemption 無恢復希望的,不可救藥的;難超度的。 * by redemption 出錢(獲得資格等)。 * in...

    • 請幫忙翻譯.....Hamlet

      ... oneself, even was the innocent other people falls into the beyond redemption dangerous situation.