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    • SOS~ 5questions change chinese

      1. Self-made 自製的 2. witnesses 目擊的 3. The gift was a great success. 成功便是那最好的禮物 4. The situation is beyond remedy. 這情況是無法補償的 5. a tall and beautiful woman 一個高且美麗的女子

    • 是否麻煩英文高手幫我一下.謝謝(15點)(英翻中)急~

      ...幾分.難以形容的責任 You mean a lot to me, like an obligation sweet beyond words. 我和你永遠不分離 And forever we shall never part.

    • 請幫我把這些中文翻成英文

      ...population has been a great relief no longer beyond the control of 2. In the effective control of the population...strengthen the supervision of the above problems to suit the remedy to solve these problems As the one-child relationship...