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  1. beyond the pale

    • ph.
      outside the bounds of acceptable behavior
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    • ph.
      outside the bounds of acceptable behaviour

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 請英文翻譯高手If I Was Your Vampire

      ... I won't fill it alone 而我將不會只有埋進我自己 Beyond the pale Everything is black 除了蒼白 所有的東西都是黑(暗)的 ...

    • 此段翻譯求救英─中

      ... and see the clearing with the farmhouse outlined against the pale sky and the lightening meadow beyond. 道路轉彎了, 以致於她無法回頭去看灰白天空輪廓下那有著農舍的空地,以及...

    • 誰能幫我翻譯一下這歌詞

      ...下文的 dreams so frail,so vulnerable and pale 提供了線索,上下文都跟陽光月光有關,所以翻...飛娥撲火,自找死路的意思,意會,不必明說 The heretic seal beyond divine 中的 seal beyond 有點麻煩,seal 是斷定...