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    • 指考英文作文 幫評分 修改

      ... to avoid cars on all the way. To respond to this bike trend, more bicycle cycling paths should be built. After all, the advantage of riding a bicycle...

    • 介紹自行車翻英文..需要幫忙...急

      ... basically every day uses the bicycle If you are the bicycle movement amateur, Holland 絕 to is a heaven! All paths all have the special-purpose road, the entire country only then the flat land does not...

    • 幫我翻譯這篇短文的內容

      singals應該是signals 想像一下,你在一條擠滿馬車的骯髒道路上騎著單車。那裡沒有交通號誌也和沒有限速。不顧駕駛可能因道路泥濘而失去控制,行人不關心自身安全地放開大步衝進你的行駛路徑中。