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    • 英文文法 動名詞 之類的疑問

      A big fish (which is trying to eat a puffer fish) 為一關係子句,簡化為分詞片語, 修飾 a big fish   which is 去掉,保留現在分詞 A big fish (trying to eat a puffer fish )  一隻正在努力吃河豚的大魚 is something...

    • 英文問題..............?

      ... this license information into the trial version of the game you download from the Big Fish Games website to turn it into an unlimited full version.) (把許可證的資料輸入...

    • 英文 選擇題

      ...意思 (B)a fish out of water:處於陌生環境的人;不得其所的人 (C)a big fish to fly (應該是沒有這句話喔:)) (D)bigger fish to fry:另有更重要...