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  1. billed

    • bill的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • Bill Of Ladding是什麼意思?

      應該是只有一種常用的意思海運的提單是 BILL OF LADING   由船長簽發BILL OF LADDING 則...

    • bill”什麼意思??

      可以作為 1.帳單 Please pay the bill.(請付帳) 2.法案;議案 We passed the bill.(我們通過了這項法案...

    • Bill of Exchange英翻中非常緊急

      Bill of exchange: 催款單;賬單 Method of payment where the seller the buyer's name ordering them to either pay the amount when the bill is presented, or a specified number of days...