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  1. bind off

    • ph.
      take the stitches off the needle by looping each over the next to finish the edge; cast off
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    • 關於圍巾編織的方法

      編織: knitting 棒針: stitch 上針: cast on 下針: binding off (also called casting off) 2上: double increase 2下: double decrease 補充...

    • 急~專業英文名詞

      1. payment cycle cut off 付款週期中止 2. 3 month rolling non binding forecast 90日遞移不設限預報

    • 造句?ㄧㄥ文?幫幫幫幫

      ...of current events. 11. He is badly off now. 12. The job was very becoming...she reacted so. 15. The bus was bound for Taipie. 16. He was bound...