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  1. bind someone over

    • ph.
      (of a court of law) require someone to fulfill an obligation, typically by paying a sum of money as surety
  2. 知識+

    • 求助狄克生片語內容(U16~U20)

      U16 run over 碾過;壓過 try out 試驗;試用 be bound for somewhere 前往某地 watch...必定;必然 take someone for 誤認;錯認 grow out of 消除...

    • 狄克森片語(非常急~拜託~)

      ...欣騙 out of 第十六課 to run over  輾過、壓過 to get along with 與...免除 to try out 試驗、試用 to be bound for somewhere  前往某地 to watch out...bound to 必定、必然 to take someone for 誤認、錯認 to grow out of 消除...

    • 急 英文新聞逐字稿

      ... links or someone has commented on a... invariably stay on the site for over a half hour a day at a bare minimum which..., Google plus is bound to eat into facebook's time share...