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  1. binomial distribution

    • n.
      a frequency distribution of the possible number of successful outcomes in a given number of trials in each of which there is the same probability of success.
    • noun: binomial distribution, plural noun: binomial distributions

  2. 知識+

    • Distribution的解釋

      ...的數量會越多,兩端(最低或最高)時分布的數量會越來越少,圖形呈現鐘型。 Binomial distribution 二項分配,屬於離散型的機率分布。經由白努力試驗(Bernoulli trial...

    • 統計的解釋名詞

      我怎麼覺得那好像是統計學的名詞啊。 Binomial distribution(二項分配) Negative binomial distribution(負二項分配) Geometric...

    • basic statistical problem

      ... statement that relates to both of them in here.The binomial distribution with parameters n and λ/n, i.e., the probability distribution of the ...