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  1. birch tree

    • n.
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    • 何謂sational?

      這是一種創意造字的用法. 因為作者要強調Sense在這篇文章中的重要. 例如: 下面是幾本書的書名,也放入作者的創意. 歐巴馬賣入白宮 塑顏按摩術(附DVD) 魔數小子數學繪本(75折特惠) 邁入 -> 賣入 素顏 -> 塑顏 魔術 -> 魔數 都是利用同音字來表達...

    • 段落摘譯...與植物病害有關...謝謝大家!!

      ... example, the hyphae of botryosphaeria dothidea often are present in the bark of birch(betula alba)and several often tree species and grow on dead stem or banch tissues saprophytically when the...

    • 請幫我看看我翻譯的對不對(英翻中)

      You have to get into the habit of using a dictionary to find the exactly meaning of words. Breaking up and retranslating the sentences, I will be back within the due day. Good luck!!