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  1. bird sanctuary


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    • 生態保護區的英文

      bird sanctuary 鳥類保護區 conservation area 【英】(環境或農業)保護區 game park 野生動物...

    • 英文翻成中文?

      ...sake of the creatures themselves, but for the sake of men, that birds and animals would be protected in sanctuaries and wild-life parks. 如Trevelyan(言下之意)所暗示,鳥類與動物...

    • R.E.M.的Be Mine歌詞中譯

      ...妳和我 And if I choose your sanctuary 如果我選擇接受妳的庇護 I'll want to wash...的芬芳 I'll want to hear the caged bird sing. 我想聽見籠中鳥的歌唱 I'll want the...