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    • 生日,誕辰
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    • NEWS - Happy Birthday平假名

      ...幫你寫出平假名前 還要找歌詞先= = HAPPY BIRTHDAY お金(かね)じゃ買(か)えないだから...にいれること ありがとう キミのHAPPY BIRTHDAY 一年(いちねん)に一度(いちど)の魔法...

    • My birthday will be tomorrow.

      ...明年 也就是說有過去式也有未來式 所以不能用未來式 你可以這樣寫 My birthday is tomorrow. Tomorrow is my birthday. 如果要過去式...

    • 英文演講稿 my birthday party

      It is not many people that have their birthday party. However, I was so lucky that...back her home. Then we shared a big birthday cake after singing birthday song to each other. It...