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  1. birthday party

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    • 英文演講稿 my birthday party

      ...many people that have their birthday party. However, I ...56:00 補充: 加在singing birthday song to each other這句後面 2006...'s not a luxurious party but a sweet reunion. 這句意思是...

    • 請高手幫忙一篇英文短篇作文 謝謝(急~

      My first birthday party My first birth party, as far as I can remember, was ... to prepare everything for myself. I did not know anything about birthday party at all. One day, my best friend, Jimmy, asked...

    • 國中英文文法問題

      At my birthday party這句話大概的意思是在我的生日派對(這你應該知道) ...可以把整句串連起來,就會感覺意思怪怪的 At my birthday party, I have cake from my parents 翻成中文大概...