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    bitch party

    • ph.
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    • Steel Panther 的 Party all day

      ... seventeen, 當我17歲時 I boned a cooky bitch 我操了一個淫穢的爛女人 A couple days ..., oh oh, hey, hey, hey Fxxk all night, and party all day! 通宵的做愛,整日轟趴 Whoa, oh oh, hey...

    • 誰可以給我英文嗨歌!!

      ...&feature=related Sexy Bitch - David Guetta ft Akon Party In The U.S.A. - ...

    • how bad do you want it的原文

      ...attack before, you're short of breath, S.O.B. (son of a bitch)!!! shortness of breath, you're wheezing (wheezing sound...39;t care about nobody calling you, You don't care about a party,