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    • 有but not because連在一起嗎?

      ...because he's black! 可以看作:Ihate Obama, not because he's black but becausehe does not deal with the economical conditions well. (=I hate Obama, but notbecause he's black...

    • 請幫我改一段英文,感謝20點

      ...quot;economic") (For comparison, 最經濟 = the most economic) ("is as follows" would be more common...產品的銷售量則與A(全部顏色加起來)差不多 Black and green A are the best seller, ...

    • 急!!!中翻英~~贈20點唷!!!(有關經濟)只有一天!!

      ... the economic structure, and maintaining the pace of economic growth. China's interest rate adjustments have...such as capital outflow and a fluctuating foreign exchange black market. All this has heavily influenced...