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  1. black economy


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    • 經濟問題(急)informal economy

      1. The informal economy exhibit a general economy structure, except it wasn't control or regulate by the proper authority...partially or completely illegal. Due to its illegal nature, the value and economy liabilities is uncertain and inaccurate. As far as who ...

    • 請幫我改一段英文,感謝20點 follows: (For use as adjective, "economy" should be changed to "economic") (...產品的銷售量則與A(全部顏色加起來)差不多 Black and green A are the best seller, ...

    • 翻譯大師救我!6/8 要交關於1929年大蕭條翻譯!

      什麼是1929年大蕭條? 1929的年大蕭條是全球性之蕭條,它持續10年之久.其開端是美國 經濟史上1929年10月24日稱之的“黑色星期四”,一天之內共銷售了一千二百九十萬股股票,是正常量的3倍。使股票價格下跌了15 - 20 % ,造成股市崩盤。