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  1. blast off

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    • 1. (指宇宙飛船)被火箭發射出 Apollo II blasted off at noon. 阿波羅2號於中午發射升空。
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    • blasted off 的意思...

      blasted off 炸開 blast- off 炸開 (宇宙飛船發射)-參考好易通牛津2000 2006-09-27 23:06:24 補充: blest 另有美國俚語狂歡會的意思 2006-09-28 22:01:08 補充: 應該是太空梭發射的意思

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      Instead, he will blast off in October for six or seven months in orbit with a lone Russian...

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      Three, two, one! The blast off of the spaceship Pegasus into the universe unknown. In six years...