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  1. blemish

    • IPA[ˈblɛmɪʃ]


    • n.
      a small mark or flaw which spoils the appearance of something;a moral defect or fault
    • v.
      spoil the appearance or quality of (something)
    • noun: blemish, plural noun: blemishes

    • verb: blemish, 3rd person present: blemishes, gerund or present participle: blemishing, past tense: blemished, past participle: blemished

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    • IPA[ˈblemiSH]


    • n.
      a small mark or flaw which spoils the appearance of something: the merest blemish on a Rolls Royce might render it unsalable
    • v.
      spoil the appearance of (something) that is otherwise aesthetically perfect: his reign as world champion has been blemished by controversy thousands of Web pages are blemished with embarrassing typos

    Oxford American Dictionary

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