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  1. blind

    • IPA[blʌɪnd]


    • adj.
      unable to see because of injury, disease, or a congenital condition;(of an action, especially a test or experiment) done without being able to see or without having relevant information
    • v.
      cause (someone) to be unable to see, permanently or temporarily;deprive (someone) of understanding, judgement, or perception
    • n.
      a screen for a window, especially one on a roller or made of slats;an awning over a shop window.
    • adv.
      without being able to see clearly;without having all the relevant information; unprepared
    • verb: blind, 3rd person present: blinds, gerund or present participle: blinding, past tense: blinded, past participle: blinded

    • noun: blind, plural noun: blinds

    • 釋義
    • 片語





    • 1. without being able to see clearly he was the first pilot in history to fly blind wines were tasted blind
    • without having all the relevant information; unprepared he was going into the interview blind
    • (of a stake in poker or brag) put up by a player before the cards dealt are seen.
  2. 知識+

    • 請問blind offer是什麼意思?

      blind offer似乎有不少不同的意思 1)根據美國MSN線上字典的定義 Blind offer: offer hidden in advertisement...文字的商品描述事項,這樣子買家開出來的價錢,就是一種blind offer(offer在此當作「報價」、「出價」)。這種交易形式...

    • boring blind date什麼意思?

      boring 無聊的 blind date 字面上直譯是"盲目約會", 或稱 "盲約" 不認識的兩個人...網路牽線, 第一次約會就叫 blind date 因為都沒見過對方, 好像瞎著眼睛去赴約 blind date 不見得是 "相親", 因為相親是以結婚為前提, (當然相親都是blind date...

    • 請問一下英文”going to blind ”是什麼意思

      這裡的 blind 不是瞎的意思 如果是 要說 going to be blind going to blind dates 去相親 >>>> blind date 是和不認識者約會 ...