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    • 英文的禮貌性說法

      ...如果是極端的高興,「這怎麼可能?我太、太、太幸福了」,I am blissed out. 2014-02-07 00:35:25 補充: Here you are. 你在這裡啊! 你要...

    • 我的英文自我介紹文法有錯誤的地方嗎?

      ... Engineering. I think that I am very BLISSED, because I am a healthy girl, and I believe I have a great...

    • 急急急..幫忙一段話.中文翻英文...

      ...hometown for chinese new years, the bliss feeling are comming out 讓人煞那間,忘卻所有的煩惱,也跟著他幸福了起來。> at that moment, forgotten all the worries and I felt blissed