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  1. blood clot

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    • 一段話的英文翻譯

      For example, blood clot inside oil filter indicates that blood clot defined by shadow go deep sea fishing with abstraction related to ㄉ意思是指 例如, 血塊在油濾清器裡面表明, 血塊由陰影定義是深海漁以抽象與有關

    • [英文]醫學英文中翻英 急~~

      ... methods can not be a fully accurate measurement of intra-cranial blood clot volumn; because to remove the intra-cranial blood clots ,and to measure the accurate...

    • [英文]句子 中翻英 急~~~~~~

      To measure the size of a blood clot, we are developing a new method that is different from (that will...