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    • 麻煩大家幫我翻譯一下deferral rate

      ...重新評估捐血者﹐決定接受捐血或暫緩接受捐血。 ***************************** 參考 原文﹕BLOOD DONORS AND BLOOD COLLECTION Seasonal influences...

    • 英文翻譯 要準確 拜託拜託

      ...捐血人數是低估 d) the incidence of hepatitis is lower among the potential blood donors than it is in the population at large 準捐血人裡有肝炎的機率比一般大眾...

    • [英文]中文翻英文

      ...healthy and longevity. 3. Blood donating can purify our soul : Blood donors give blood to prolong and save other lives. They find comfort and solace...