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    • blood的名詞複數
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    • Blood Like中譯

      ...a good time,Then you'll know that we are blood like. 我能給你一段美好時光,那麼你會了解我們的本質...凝望著大海,此時你的朋友們淹沒了 Now we're blood like. 我們終於成為同一類人 2011-02-28 18:23:52 補充...

    • Full blooded 和full fledged的差別?

      ... the same most of the time, and need to be careful to use it. "Full blooded" means "A person (or an animal) of unmixed race or breed"...

    • blood and beyond 係咩意思??

      你好. blood自己的意思是指 血. beyond自己的意思是指 超越 而blood and beyond是一本書名,作者是Carol Pepper. 對不起我沒有看過這本書不清楚內容說些什麼. 希望能夠幫到你:D