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    blow one's lines

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    • 求英文造句+翻譯

      ... blew off the disgusting caterpillar on my shoulder. (27) blow one's own horn 自誇 Stop blowing your own horn, it'...

    • 中翻英(超難XD)

      ... industry! Then releases however toward the school. But the line to the halfway, the cold wind front surface blows, the pain assails the one's nose again. My tear, tears all under. To...

    • 有關化妝品市場報導這方面的要怎麼翻呢?

      1.在好萊塢可能沒有一張臉是不用香水的。 2.拜Jenninfer Lopez 的福, 炒熱了現在香水的市場。 3.Spear 的第一瓶香水,"好奇",在前3個月就賣超過30千萬美元。 4.JLo的的第一瓶香水,在第一年全球的售額就破了1億美元。 5.最受歡迎的肥皂劇"我...