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  1. blow sth. up

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 炸壞某物 The police station was blown up by terrorists. 派出所讓恐怖分子炸毀了。
    • 2. 給某物充氣 This tyre's a bit flat; it needs blowing up. 這個輪胎氣不太足, 需要打氣。
    • 3. 放大某物(尤指照片) What a lovely photo! Why don't you have it blown up? 多美的照片哪!你怎麼不把它放大呢?
    • 4. 誇大某事物 His abilities as an actor have been greatly blown up by the popular press. 通俗的報刊過分誇張了他的演技。 The whole affair was blown up out of all proportion. 整件事誇大得走樣了。