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  1. blow the whistle on


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    • 1. 使……停下來 If your father finds out about this, he'll soon blow the whistle on what you're doing. 要是你父親知道了這事,他一定會馬上阻止你去做下去的。
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    • 英文 五句英翻中疑問

      ...吶喊:為甚麼那女士留著一頭藍髮? 5) She was fired for blowing the whistle on the bank's mismanagement of accounts, but she then sued the bank...

    • 幫忙解一下英文題目

      ...squid, crab, shrimp, clam, and so ( on ) . 35 My brother and ...can have a cup of coffee at The Arabesque. It’s not far ( from ) here. 37 Blow this whistle when you are ( in ) danger...

    • 我想問1個片語的意思 拜託要是正確的喔

      ...例句: On the bus we go. 咱們上巴士吧!! On the stage we go. 我們上台去吧!! Here we...再來一次了(衝浪,游泳時說的話) The whistle is blowing, here we go again!! 哨聲響了,我們要在開始...