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  1. blue streak


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      The sky was a pale blue, streaked with narrow bands of clounds stretching...的海岸形成到在一男人所站立之森林邊緣處的狹窄海灘 streak 條紋狀horizon 地平線 off 可不可以換成 out 此off 是在...

    • 這段極光的英文請幫忙翻譯一下 a backdrop: great shimmering curtains of green, soft glowing blues, serpentine streaks of purple, rare undulations of pink. They moved like ...

    • 有關顏色的英文片語

      ...the ace of spades【口】 漆黑一圈 get/have the blues心情沮喪 grass is always greener on the other...的廉價銷售 black-tie event/affair 正式場合 have a yellow streak懦弱、膽怯的個性。 yellow-bellied膽小的