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    bluff one's lines

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    • 幫我翻譯一下這英文短片,只有1分24秒!

      ..., okay, cause there's one of your songs there's a line says you're bluffing with your muffin. yes! Well, now that I've been...

    • 可以請英文高手幫我翻譯Alicia Keys的歌嗎?

      ...的男人排第一 And a real man just can't deny, a woman's worth. 而真正的男人無法抹滅 一個女人的價值 No need to read between the lines, spelled out for you. 沒有任何隱喻 我說得很明白 Just...

    • 翻譯歌曲!

      ... none of your concern 是屬於你們不在乎的無名小卒的 if you want to call our bluff 如果你要說我們是虛張聲勢的人 get in line and wait your turn 那就排隊等著輪到你吧 and watch the witches burn" 然後...