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    • on board怎用? ((20點))

      The phrase "on board" has many meanings. It can be the same as "aboard... on to a job. For example, "I am eager to get on board and contribute to the project." (有"跟上進度" 的意思) "On...

    • aboard?on board?

      aboard和on board兩個字是相同的意思. 介係詞的一種[preposision]簡稱為prep. aboard&on board是介係詞中用在"地點" 是指:在...(交通工具)上 在英文的介係詞中...

    • on board date (或day) 相同嗎?

      on-board date 是開航日期, 需有(年)月日. on-board day 是一個日子, 指開航的那一天, 是一個稱呼而未必是...: by T/T 50 days after on-board date. 用B/L date也是正式寫法. 2010-03-28...