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  1. bodices

    • bodice的名詞複數
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    • 內衣的英文解釋

      ...undervest (男用內衣??) 有肩帶的內衣 3.chemisette (小可愛??) 類似衛生衣的內衣 4.bodice (緊身馬甲??) 一般內衣 (最常用) ********************* 緊身馬甲~Corset (最...

    • 請問”背心裙”的英文要怎麼說?

      ... Key (sndrs) n. A light summer dress with a bodice that exposes the arms and shoulders. 大人穿的洋裝就有...

    • waist的英譯?

      ...a garment, extending from the shoulders to the waistline, especially the bodice of a woman's dress.c. A blouse.d. A child's undershirt.3. ...