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  1. 船體

    • zhuyin[ㄔㄨㄢˊㄊㄧˇ]
    • pinyin[chuanti]
    • the main body of a ship; a hull
    • 相關詞
    • hull

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    • 更多解釋
    • pinying[chuan2 ti3]
    • hull

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  2. 知識+

    • 誰能答friendship的由來?

      ... to a (specified) rank, title, or appellation ship> 6: the body of persons participating in a specified activity ship> ship> _______________________________________ Middle English, from ...

    • 急)幫我翻譯一下The Ship with Four Leg

      The Ship with Four Legs...的路. It would take a person two days and two...entire desert without a single drink of water. 它可以不喝一次水就跨過一整座沙漠. Its body is built in...

    • 誰能幫我翻譯這段文章...送20點...要正確...

      我就快完成報復了.等我刺死他,讓白魔(white devil)死在我魚叉下的時候,我就該功成身退了. 阿哈布(Ahab)船長極度厭惡摩比狄克(Moby Dick)-"白魔"-因為他在一次和這個"白魔鯨"戰鬥時,失去了一條腿.阿哈布,這艘捕鯨船船長,只專心一志的想著一件事.他一定...