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  1. body

    • IPA[ˈbɒdi]



    • n.
    • 名詞複數:bodies

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 身體 body and soul 全身心地 to keep body and soul together 勉強糊口
    • 2. 屍體
    • 3. 主體; 正文; 車身; 機身; 船體; 中殿; 共鳴箱
    • 4. 大量 a body of water 一片水域 a large body of evidence 大量證據
    • 5. 群體 the main body of the army 部隊的主力 the student body 全體學生
    • 6. 機構 an advisory body 諮詢機構
    • 7. 物體 heavenly bodies 天體
    • 8. 稠度; 醇度; 濃密度


    1. the physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal

    2. the trunk apart from the head and the limbs

    3. a corpse

    4. the main section of a motor vehicle or aircraft

    5. the main or central part of something, especially a building or text

    6. a large amount or collection of something

    7. an organized group of people with a common purpose or function

    8. a material object

    9. fullness or thickness of a person's hair

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